Sunday, September 30, 2012


Be ready, reading my broken english.

I'm tired but surprised all the day.
I have you 
my bff and bestie. 
Started from morning, I just opened my door then you are found.
I knew you will be back without inform before.
Then then and then..

Felt sorrrry to a lil boy.
I had no attend to his birthday dinner because I am already full booking.

This night we were playing tanglung and candles.
My tanglung burns one. Dafuq
I have no idea to this shit thing.

Suddenly my bestie's car was parking outside my house.
I donno they will came and went to Tangkak met with others without prepared.
My ugly face arghhh

Finally reached home and rest with music now.
So lazy to update the photos, just one you can see at top of this post.
Or you could visit my instagram to see more. (name: ivyhui93)

Happy together in mooncake festival ! 
Goodnight peeps.

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