Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nothing is impossible.

It is very dangerous I know right.
After finished my class gotta back to little house, then just realized that I forgot to bring my purse. OMG
Door card, i.c, license, money all important inside, fuck yea!yes I leave it at little house in the morning.
Walaowey how could I drive so relax came to class without license wor !?!
So, I still brought my bike back to little house. It's okay no police chase me. If they asked me to show my license sure die from it.
Good very good
At little house, stand infront the door and keep finding contact lists whose will at home at the time to open door for me.
Finally entered into house without door card very lucky one because my house mate was cooking at kitchen.

At noon..
I went to office asked for something then back to house.
Shit fucking shit...I remember tat I had bring my door card when I chat with the officer.
Leaving it again office.. I quickly straight back to office lo... the officer was taking my card and standing outside office to welcome me.

Get enough !

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