Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I wish I have time to blog more detail but damn tired now.
Write it short ok
Just want to thank to whose still remember ma 21th birthday even I'm busy like a bull and didnt celebrate for myself. Everyone is worried about me I know right, sorry I usually "fly here fly there" without inform so that's y nobody get to know where m I. But, I live life happiness with confirm, sure!
Appreciate all the birthday gift and I failed to take photos all of it because my cellphone's camera fail and own camera no besides of me.

Photos can talk everythings right>..
(below photos took by using others ppl pity lol)

Frm my aunty~Imma gonna die one day due to over digest chocolate. Chocoholic

From Sasa Wee Yee & Peili

Went to Puchong to her show little house today

低头族 Uncle cousie & brota~ Apple fans 

want to sleep bye

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