Wednesday, December 31, 2014

THE END of 2014.

3 words one sentence to describe this year: IDK! :-(
I were getting strong when things happened.

I know right people already 21st now, publicly known as 'freedom level'. LOL
*Please don't think too much*

Seriously, this must be an unforgottable year due to my grandpa leave us  at mooncake festival and during  my exam period. Memory flashback to that time, I felt very hard to control my feelings from this bad news. Hmm....let it go let it go...

Besides, I'm quite interesting in foreign linguistic and my subejct offered last semester. Guess what I have been chosen?/ It's Japanese language!! The most easiest subject I took ever. So called free for stress subject fml

Likewise nothing special I'm still enjoying single ladies life. Even sometimes people dare to doubt my status, and I just speechless for this. I'm single as what you could see.

That's all for 2014. Goodbye


New Year 2015 Resolution:- I...

wish to learn Thai language. The more languages I own, the least problem to go travel to others country. Language use to survive when overseas. Even my English, Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese and Malay not so good but simple is ok right.

like to have busy life. Don't want to have so much free time because I only do sleeping opss

plump more 5kgs. I'm too slim to say that.

Stop here. Happy New Year after 5mins!

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