Saturday, June 18, 2011

∩__∩yea final come to an end

i get it,my ekonomy class
before, i waste 1 month of time study in Sej&Bm class
noW i can relax a little bit...woohoooooooooooooooo.O

is ok~lastnight my parent brought me go Muar & bought some "materials" at popular
all books quite expensive de lor 

oh,ok,forgot it

then,taken our supper at Bentayan,chinese just call 文打烟
there were too many foods there,so im not sure which 1 i want to choose@@suddenly blur blur...

back to home at 10pm. afterthat,i finish my big program zZzz sssleep is my program lar

果条炒鲜蛤,鸡饭,蚝煎,红豆冰,甘蔗汁and yong dou fu



  1. come muar no say wan lox....we can hang out mah..hahahx..

  2. thankyou ^.^wish you all the best ya~lengzai Stifler

    Dllen hahaa! sorry abt that~I go suddenly and finish buying hurry and hurry ...heyy you lock ur blog i cant see it lor..hahaa


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