Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Portweld, Taiping Perak Malaysia.

Just one word to describe myself: ROVER.
NO PLAN is my plan, please ignore my broken english wuahaha.
Here is last time I went to Portweld, a fishing village I have been there before.
More than five times if not mistaken. 
This time brought my aunt with his lengzai bf as tourism to visit around there.
Before arrived we having a short break at Starbucks, Medan Gopeng Perak.

Have a break, have a piece of strawberry white chocolate! This is mine. 

Eagle resort? nono, actually it is eagle restaurant at mid-floor and coffee shop at ground floor. Lotsa of fresh and big-size seafoods can't found it at city.

The behind scenery of the eagle restaurant. This building is pretty cool because it's half built on land and half on the river.

Have a ride by boat. Trying to make myself more blacker?!LOL

My aunt and I. 

Hi lengzai...hmm..
The cottage on the river. Since few weeks ago, I forgot the pricing. 

Most largest mangroves in Malaysia. So, there used this type of plants to make charcoal.

Needs of a fishermen. They going to fishing everyday since the sunrise not yet. I can't imaging how hard their life is. 

Finally, Imma very enjoying adventure life.

Visit their facebook website to get more details: Kuala Sepetang

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