Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's the rest day for me  to take a break after touching by something
yes!! I'm an optimist~ crazy!? kidding!? happy?! all around me
Emo face is not my style.....! Jimo is not my fucking business~~~
I'm the girl dinno know how to show feeling in my pokerface
so tat,I learned to my heart...the best choice
Is me,always show a smiley...
ppl jus thinkin I'm a kisiao,often bare smile=)  hahaxP
Nvrmind!! tat's nothing to me,ignore human here!?
I'M WHO I'M!!!
hard to say...human always dont understand what I mean
in the beginning I think I'm an alien,noT!! wrong oredi
come oooooooon...juz bcoz my brain is full of protest =) objection!!!
I express at all,but,the answer wont find out
gosH~my powerful question mark"???"...non ppl understand
I'm a guy not to be understood :(my heart has a wall,nid a hercules to hit it =.=""
oh yea~ I'm not worry about tis
juz simply girl,take it easy it's not complicated so,right...?
told myself,only so...
as simply as,happiness is the focus of my life...others!fuck oFF!


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