Saturday, May 28, 2011

hmm hmm hmm.........
unfortunately i got fever 39.9℃ after school yesterday
now it's haven't leave my body
I feel very hot and stupid pain ,hard to move normally
parent brought me went TGK take medicine   SO warm
they had non scolded to me,everytime i sick jor sure got someone will scold me
the doctor laugh when i answer him i had went to study in the morning>.<
i'm still okay but no in the mood
come on you,leave my body as fast as posibble pls!

in fact,i'm looking forward to it     STEP!
an international event ,join by ppl from others country
it's a good event for my muet bcoz tis camp is using whole english language
fuiyo.O!! it;s held at skudai JB and goin to make a trip to Tanjung piai
4/6-8/6 i'm goin to plan away from home...hahaaa

tat's all for today


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